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Robert Guerrero's manager: "If Khan wants to fight Robert, we can make that fight tomorrow."

Robert Guerrero's manager says that they would welcome a fight with Amir Khan.

Scott Heavey

For whatever reason, a recent rumor in the boxing world (or galaxy or universe, if you prefer) is that Amir Khan could potentially wind up facing Robert Guerrero. This would appear to contradict the Khan strategy of waiting out for a big money fight with Floyd Mayweather when he reportedly backed out of a negotiated bout with Devon Alexander that was to take place in December. Seeing as to how Guerrero is on about the same level of quality as Alexander, this did not make a whole lot of sense.

Now we know, according to Boxing Scene's Rick Reeno, that it is indeed not true. Reeno was informed by Guerrero's manager Bob Santos (who is also James Kirkland's new trainer) that no such fight has been proposed. However, Santos made sure to clearly state that Khan should avoid "The Ghost" if he wants to get the Mayweather fight, just in case the Khan camp did have the desire to step in the ring with his charge.

Here is what Santos had to say:

"I've been getting a lot of calls about this, but there is 100% no truth that Robert Guerrero is going (to) fight Amir Khan. If Khan wants to fight Robert, we can make that fight tomorrow. I can tell you this, if Khan steps in the ring with Robert - he can forget about Mayweather because I am 100% confident that Robert will stop him."

So the fight is not happening, and I would highly doubt that it ever does, at least not until next fall at the earliest. Khan appears to be the front-runner for a spring fight with Mayweather and stepping in the ring with Guerrero would not be what the doctor ordered. Khan's rare ability to get hurt by anyone at any time makes for fun television but is not ideal when he has a huge fight on the line. If he didn't want to get in the ring with Alexander, he won't do it with Guerrero.

Despite all of this, it is an excellent matchup. If Khan doesn't get the Mayweather fight, I wouldn't mind seeing him try to outbox Guerrero, who has been inactive since his own fight with "Money". I don't think Santos is lying when he says that he would make the fight immediately. Because of Khan's vulnerabilities, he is always going to be a highly desired matchup with other top guys.

But for now. there are no changes to Khan's wait-and-see approach for a May superfight with the sport's biggest star.

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