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Floyd Mayweather to fight Amir Khan on May 3 according to Daily Mail report

It is being reported out of Britain that Floyd Mayweather will be fighting Amir Khan on May 3rd in Las Vegas.

Al Bello

It looking more and more like the heavy speculation regarding Floyd Mayweather's next opponent has been correct. Ever since Mayweather's decision win over Canelo Alvarez on September 14, fans and media have pondered about who would be "Money's" dance partner this coming May. The top guess has been British junior welterweight contender Amir Khan and all signs are pointing to it becoming a reality.

Khan has seemingly been close to scoring a fight with Mayweather a few times in the past but has always been tripped up just when it appeared he may break through. Knowing that a potential Mayweather fight was out there, Khan took no chances this time and backed out of a proposed bout with Devon Alexander that was to happen in December. Now, according to a report from the Daily Mail by Jeff Powell in Britain, he may have finally played his cards right.

The Daily Mail claims that the official announcement will be made in only a few days with Khan set to take home "no less than $6m and is likely to climb to at least double that from pay-TV sales on both sides of the Atlantic". The article also confirms from "reliable sources in America" that the fight will not be taking place at the Wembley Arena. Like all of Mayweather's recent fights, Las Vegas would be the destination.

This is no surprise, ladies and gentlemen. With all of Top Rank's boxers unable to tango with Golden Boy's, the pool of challengers for the best boxer alive is dwindling. If indeed the Daily Mail's sources are correct and this fight is a reality, this could be the biggest fight of 2014 simply because every one of Mayweather's fights is a huge deal nowadays.

This all being said, it's difficult to gauge exactly how much of this should be taken with a grain of salt. This would be awfully early for an announcement of a fight that will not take place until May. Perhaps the promoters want to get a leg up on the promotion due to this being more of an international fight that most. Or possibly this article is a bit hasty in declaring the fight a done deal.

But, at this stage, it's looking more and more like Floyd Mayweather - Amir Khan will be the first mega event of 2014.

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