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Vitali Klitschko to run for president of Ukraine in 2015

Vitali Klitschko has decided to run for the office of president in Ukraine in 2015. Is his boxing career completely finished?

Lars Baron

Have we seen the end of Vitali Klitschko in a boxing ring?

Today the WBC heavyweight champion made clear his intentions to run for president of Ukraine with a simple statement at today's meeting of parliament: "I have decided to run for president of Ukraine in 2015."

Vitali has not fought since September of last year when he defeated Manuel Charr in four rounds by slicing the challenger's right eyebrow into bloody pieces. Since then, nothing much has been discussed or even rumored for his return bout. The only name that has perhaps drawn a little interest from Vitali is David Haye, the British contender who lost to Vitali's brother, Wladimir, over 12 one-sided rounds in July 2011. Haye is a big name in Europe and that would be as big of a money fight that Vitali, who is 42, could hope for before the end of his career. Haye is scheduled to take on Tyson Fury February 8th in Manchester.

If Vitali has one last fight before exiting the sport for good, would you like to see him against David Haye or someone else (besides, ya know, his brother)? Or did Wladimir's waltz with Alexander Povetkin break your spirit when it comes to tolerating the heavyweights?

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