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Lampley's 'Fight Game' back tonight on HBO

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'The Fight Game with Jim Lampley' returns with an all-new episode tonight on HBO, taking a look at drug testing in boxing, Alvarado-Provodnikov, and more.

Fans of "The Fight Game with Jim Lampley," rejoice! The show is back tonight at 8:30 pm EDT on HBO for its latest half-hour installment, as Lampley and crew break down what we've seen go down in the boxing world the last couple of months, with some emphasis on a pair of recent big fights.

Here's what you'll see tonight:

This new edition of THE FIGHT GAME WITH JIM LAMPLEY features: an in-depth review of the spectacular Mike Alvarado-Ruslan Provodnikov slugfest, which is a candidate for Fight of the Year; a detailed examination of the performance-enhancing drug-testing program used for the Timothy Bradley-Juan Manuel Marquez fight, highlighted by a satellite interview with Dr. Margaret Goodman, one of the most outspoken authorities on comprehensive PED testing in the sport; a studio discussion, including commentator Max Kellerman, of significant events in and out of the ring over the last two months, a particularly robust time for boxing; the latest pound-for-pound compilation; the latest Gatti List; and a remembrance of Hall of Fame trainer and HBO Boxing analyst Emanuel Steward, who passed away Oct. 25, 2012 at age 68.