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Ricky Burns vs. Raymundo Beltran: Rematch on tap for February

It looks like there will be a rematch to one of the most controversial decisions of 2013.

Scott Heavey

If you were able to watch the fight between Ricky Burns and Raymundo Beltran last month, you know how embarrassingly bad it was scored. After suffering a broken jaw that would require surgery in the aftermath, Burns spent much of the rest of his night moving away from Beltran and holding. He was also floored in the eighth round, which seemed to have been the icing on the cake for Beltran. But we all know that what happens in the ring is not always what shows up on the judges' cards, and the bout was declared a draw. In a time when questioning the scorecards is rather commonplace, this one stood out among the crowd.

However, in a sport that can be hesitant to give second chances, it appears that Beltran is going to get another shot at Burns' WBO lightweight title. According to The Scotsman, Burns' manager Alex Morrison informed them that there is a deal about to be finalized that would put the bout in Glasgow in February.

"Ricky feels it's the moral thing to do in giving Beltran another shot. He wants to put the record straight after fighting for 10 rounds with a broken jaw in that first fight.

"We want it. Beltran wants it and the fans want it. The deal is done. We're 99% there with it and are just waiting for the final confirmation which will happen any day now.

"We're looking at early February in Glasgow."

This is refreshing news. Whether it's because Burns truly does feel it is the right thing to do or if he is simply embarrassed by the fallout of their first fight, it's nice to see him commit to doing a rematch with the guy who broke his jaw.

Will the rematch be any different?

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