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Tim Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez: Marquez wants a rematch with Bradley

After sounding like he was done boxing for good, Juan Manuel Marquez now has his sights on a rematch with Tim Bradley.

Ethan Miller

It's no secret that Juan Manuel Marquez and his trainer Nacho Beristain feel that they were robbed of victory against Tim Bradley. My favorite argument is the "Bradley knows in his heart" one. Anyways, in the immediate aftermath of the fight it looked like Marquez could be done with boxing completely, angered at judges and content with a healthy bank account. However, the Mexican Who Finally Conquered Manny Pacquiao has since stated that he would welcome a rematch with Bradley.

Here is what Marquez had to say, via Boxing Scene:

"I'm sad for what happened in my last fight, because I needed to win. I was more focused and stronger, but as I look to the future....what motivates me is a rematch with Bradley. Nothing else could take place if I don't carry out this fight. I have to settle this issue with Timothy Bradley, as long as he accepts a rematch, because I want to make it clear who won on the 12th of October. Right now I'm not thinking about (other opponents), I'm more interested in making a rematch with Bradley to make it clear who is who. I already talked a bit with (trainer) Nacho (Beristain) and we feel that is the best option," Marquez said.

So it's pretty clear that Marquez prefers a rematch with Bradley over anything else, presumably even a huge payday for a fifth fight against Pacquiao (or even Brandon Rios should he defeat Pacquiao). It's possible that he realizes he needed to let his hands go a little more and he may have gotten the decision. Marquez often came forward but was hesitant at times to let loose.

I wouldn't mind a rematch, and the war between Top Rank and Golden Boy limits the field of other potential opponents. Much of where each man goes from here may depend on the outcome of the upcoming Pacquiao/Rios fight. If Pacquiao wins, one has to figure that he will have first pick as to who he faces. Would a rematch with Pacquiao be more enticing to Bradley? It would certainly mean more money, and the chance to earn the respect that some stripped away from him when he won a controversial decision over Pacquiao (yes, he didn't score the fight).

Does a rematch move the needle for you? Or was once enough, and you'd rather see each fighter move on to something else?

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