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Hopkins vs Murat results: Peter Quillin survives Gabriel Rosado on cut stoppage

Peter Quillin got through tonight's title defense against Gabriel Rosado, but it wasn't without some good action and then a little controversy.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Peter Quillin and Gabriel Rosado had a good, competitive fight going for nine rounds tonight, but a nasty cut opened on the left eyelid of Rosado caused a doctor stoppage in the 10th round, giving Quillin the TKO victory to remain undefeated and retain his WBO middleweight title.

The ending was gut-wrenching, as Rosado (21-7, 13 KO) pleaded with the doctor to let the fight continue, telling him he could see, which it appeared that he could, in all honesty. The way I personally saw it, Rosado got somewhat jobbed here. Yes, the cut was very bad. Yes, it may have led to a stoppage. But like a lot of things in boxing, it's not just about the result. It's about the timing. And it didn't seem at that moment that the fight needed to be stopped.

Quillin (30-0, 22 KO) scored an early knockdown in the fight, but starting in the third round, Rosado began to make some good adjustments, and was fighting very well for the remainder of the bout.

This being boxing, however, that was not reflected on the judges' scorecards. One judge had it 87-83 Quillin, which is debatable itself, but the other two had it 89-81 and 90-80. So the good news is that Rosado didn't take any unnecessary punishment for a fight he couldn't have won without a knockout. You know -- "the good news." BLH had it 85-85 when the fight was stopped.

Rosado yelled down at the Showtime commentary team that the call was "bullshit" as soon as the fight was stopped, and told Jim Grey he wants a rematch.

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