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Pacquiao vs Rios preview: Mike Tyson says it's all about Pacquiao's psychological condition

Mike Tyson talks Pacquiao-Rios with Jim Lampley of HBO Sports.

Jim Lampley

"When you see Manny, do you see a guy who's pushing the limit of how far he can go with boxing?"

Mike Tyson

"I think Manny Pacquiao still has a couple of years left in him. He has taken a sensational loss. It's all psychological. If he got beaten up really bad psychologically because of the loss to Marquez, then we have a problem. But if he took it as a bad day at the office, he still can make a lot of noise in boxing."

Jim Lampley

"He's getting ready to fight Brandon Rios, who's probably the most direct, hard charger, coming forward in the sport. Is that an easy fight for Pacquiao to win because he has so much game and Rios really only knows one thing to do?"

Mike Tyson

"It depends on the psychological condition that Pacquiao is in. Rios is just a game fighter, you can hit him all day. But Pacquiao when he's on top of his game, he has so much movement, so much lateral movement. And a guy like this, absolutely made for Pacquiao normally. Normally a guy like this is made for Pacquiao. We gonna know. Rios has a lot of spirit and he comes to impress as a warrior when he fights. It's gonna be an exciting fight. It's gonna be truly exciting."

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