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Pacquiao vs Rios: Video of the Roach vs Ariza and Garcia scuffle

Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza were at the center of a brawl in Macao tonight, with Robert Garcia also involved in the scuffle.

Freddie Roach was kicked by Alex Ariza, Ariza insulted Roach's speech (which is affected due to Parkinson's disease), and Robert Garcia claimed he's never disrespected Roach. It was all quite the scene tonight in Macao, and now there's video.

Robert Garcia

"(Roach) just wanted to start a little fight. He's in trouble. Believe me, he's in trouble. Didn't you guys just see how he reacted? He's in trouble. He's nervous. He's scared. ... He came to us, like, 'get out of here you piece of shit!' ... He called me a piece of shit, then he called my friend a 'fucking Mexican,' then he called Elie (Seckbach) a 'fucking Jew.' What the fuck is that?"

Alex Ariza

"Rational people don't do that. Professionals don't do that. We have to share a playing field right now. You don't interrupt an interview and start calling the other guy a piece of shit. It's just completely unprofessional. It's juvenile. But it also goes to show that Freddie is really concerned about what's going on here. He feels territorial, he came in with the same attitude. He wanted to kick something off. He came over here, interrupted Robert, started calling him names. And then he just started yelling at me for no reason. You see, in the past -- this isn't Wild Card. Freddie's used to grabbing people and throwing them out, cocking his fist back. So when he did that, well, you know, to me that's a sign of aggression."

(on kicking Roach) "He got physical. He was gonna hit Robert. I told him that this isn't Wild Card. You don't call the shots here. He came at me, cocked his fist back, and yeah, he got a front kick in the chest."

Video via: Seconds Out

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