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Pacquiao vs Rios video: Freddie Roach discusses fight with Ariza

Marcos Villegas speaks to Freddie Roach about yesterday's fight with Alex Ariza at the gym in Macao, and Manny Pacquiao stops by for a moment, too.

Freddie Roach

"It didn't need to happen. The thing is, we have times for our workouts, scheduled times. I waited enough for them to leave and they told me they weren't leaving, they were staying for an extra half-hour. I says, that's our time. You guys don't have a right to be here and so forth. Some words were spoken and one of their guys kicked me, assaulted me. But someone told me if I pressed charges it might hurt the fight. I'm not gonna hurt the fight. I talked to Manny. Manny's OK with it. As long as Manny's OK, that's all I really care about. My fighter is anxious and ready to go."

"(Manny) obviously heard about it before he got here. ... A lot of things were said, a lot of things were done. It happens so quickly. They're making a race issue out of it, because I said, 'what are you, the tough Mexican?' to the bodyguard who tried to swing at me couples. And Elie Seck -- Elie S, whatever his last name, the Jewish kid with the camera I called him. He started making a big issue out of this, a racial issue, but everyone who knows me knows that I'm not racist."

"The big issue is that they were here on our time. They were wrong. We had the right to ask them to leave and they told us to go fuck ourselves, we're not leaving for another half-hour. ... When he assaulted me, that was just out of pure jealousy, I feel, because he doesn't have a future in this sport and I do. There's no doubt about that. He just got fired by Chavez, he got fired by Amir Khan, he got fired by Manny Pacquiao. He's been fired seven times that I know of. He's just a bad guy and he showed it today. Making fun of my Parkinson's on national TV and kicking me, I just took one step toward that area away from Garcia, because he was calling me a piece of shit or something like that, and making fun of my Parkinson's."

"I feel that they were in the wrong and they didn't respect us. Maybe they wanted this to happen. I'm not sure."

"We needed some time off. (Manny) wanted to come back in April and I talked him out of it. Because all the sports issues with concussions, it's so wide open now. After knockouts like that, you need time. He's in great shape, he's in great spirits, he's happy. He laughed at me about getting in the fight with Alex. He even, like, tried to kick me. So as long as my fighter's not affected by it, that's all I care about at this point."

"Unless someone assaults me again, then that would be an issue."

"He knows he needs to be a little more explosive and show some passion in this fight, be the Manny Pacquiao that used to knock people out. After those losses, we need to really make a mark here. We need to show that this young kid coming up doesn't belong at this level yet. I feel we will knock him out somewhere along the way. He's as good as I've ever seen him. He had one of the best training camps ever. There's nothing Brandon Rios can do that we can't do better."

Manny Pacquiao

"It's OK as long as it's OK for him. He's OK. I shared the word of God to him."

"We did our best in this training camp. We're very happy with it. ... Freddie's happy. He thinks this won't be our last training camp (in the Philippines)."

"It's nice here. It's hard to compare. We can't compare Las Vegas and here. They're both nice places."

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