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Pacquiao vs Rios video: Robert Garcia discusses Roach-Ariza fight, Roach's comments, and media spin

Marcos Villegas speaks with Robert Garcia about last night's fight between Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza, and what he feels is the mainstream media trying to spin the story in Roach's favor.

Robert Garcia

"We've never had history. The only time we fought against each other was three or four years ago with Margarito. They had little differences then with Brandon and Margarito. Since then, we've never even fought each other. I've been doing my stuff, he's been doing his. He's been friendly to me every time I see him in southern California at local shows. Very friendly to me. I was surprised what happened today. It's part of boxing. It's not the first time two camps get into it, and won't be the last time either."

"Look, it could have been handled differently, but it was started by him. ... I've seen so many other videos that are twisting it around -- reporters, big time reporters, that are saying what we did or what Ariza did. Yes, what he did is very wrong. I understand. It is very wrong. I admit it. What we did four years ago with Brandon and Margarito was very wrong. OK, but that don't excuse him from calling me what he called me, calling my Mexican friend what he called him, and calling Elie what he called Elie. But nobody else, I'm telling you. The gym was full of cameras. Not one single camera has done what Elie did. He put it from the beginning to the very end."

"I probably would do the same. He is Freddie Roach, that is Manny Pacquiao. ... The best trainer-boxer couple in the last ten years. I admit it. I gotta admire that. I have to. But it's only fair to do the right thing. And I'm telling you, the only person that's doing it is Elie."

"I kept my cool. ... I don't want to fight! Shit, I'm scared to fight! You know what I mean? Brandon kept his cool. ... It's definitely not gonna affect us in the fight. At all."

"The fight's not easy. We're fighting one of the best fighters, the best fighter in the last 10, 15 years. Nobody's ever gonna do what he's done. I gotta admit that. But Brandon's ready. Brandon is physically, mentally ready. Brandon has the heart, the power, he's got the chin. We've come up with a good game plan. We're expecting to do things right. We are fighting against one of the best in the world. If things don't happen, he is the best. We'll be just proud enough to say we fought Pacquiao, he was better than us. But that's not our mentality. Brandon's young, Brandon's hungry, Brandon has the tools to do it. That's what we're going for."

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