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Pacquiao vs Rios: Brandon Rios promises to be a 'monster' on Saturday

Marcos Villegas speaks with Brandon Rios about last night's team fight in the gym, and about his fight with Manny Pacquiao on Saturday.

Brandon Rios

"That's your guys' job. That's your job to stir things up to make something that's nothing. At the end of the day, like I said, you guys was there. (Elie Seckbach plug) ... I got nothing to say about it. I wasn't in it. So I'm the best. That's the good thing about me, I wasn't in it. I was doing my workout. ... It's almost fight night, both camps are ready."

"It happened because it happened. It is what it is. I'm not gonna say it should've been different. It's done and over with already."

"Come and work the body. I love it. That means we've got a fight. That means he's not gonna run, we've got a fight. If he's gonna come and test me, that's good, because I want to test him, too. I wanna see if he still has it from the last knockout. I wanna see if his mind's still ready. That's good he wants to come and test me because we're gonna have a fight and give the fans what they want."

"Hey, if he moves -- like I said, I'm ready for anything. I think this is one of the best training camps of my life. If he's gonna box, I'm ready for that. If he's gonna brawl, I'm ready for that. This time I'm not just going in there like I did for the Alvarado (rematch), where I was just thinking knockout, knockout, knockout. This time, I'm actually working on skills. Working on different things that I have to do, lateral movement and everything like that."

"I love doing this. I love talking. Because I love when people pull up comments and say bad things about me. It is what it is. They don't really know about boxing so it's all good. It comes with the territory."

"Don't doubt me. You never know, an old dog got a tricks up its sleeve. I'm not just a punching like everybody think I am. I'm not just a one-dimensional fighter like everybody think I am. When I train, I train hard, and when I'm ready, you see a monster in there."

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