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Pacquiao vs Rios: Brandon Rios says Freddie Roach, Team Pacquiao are 'scared'

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Brandon Rios believes that Freddie Roach and Team Pacquiao are intimidated and scared heading into Saturday's fight.

Stephen Dunn

Brandon Rios believes that Manny Pacquiao's camp and specifically trainer Freddie Roach are scared heading into Saturday night's HBO pay-per-view main event in Macao, scoffing at Roach's prediction that the fight wouldn't last four rounds:

"They are intimidated. They are scared. Deep down they are scared and they don't want to admit it. 'Oh he's going to knock him out in six, no he's going to knock him out in four.' Man, this guy doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about. When I go four rounds, we're going to see. I'm going to say 'what happened Freddie?' It's not going to happen. I have a chin of fucking iron. It takes a bulldozer to knock me down. They don't know what they are in for. They think they are in for guy who is going to come forward and just take punches? Fuck no."

Rios (31-1-1, 23 KO) says he's worked more on boxing in this training camp, and by all accounts he's in good shape and ready to go for the bout.