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Brandon Rios on Pacquiao loss: I was never hurt, but Manny was too fast

Brandon Rios (31-2-1, 23 KO) says that Manny Pacquiao never hurt him last night, but the Filipino superstar was just too fast and awkward.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Brandon Rios

"It was a great fight. I trained my hardest. I put my heart and soul into this fight. I bust my butt off in the gym. It's just -- Manny Pacquiao is just, he was quick. He was quicker than I expected. I did train for quickness, but the best Pacquiao showed up tonight, and it was great. No disrespect to Manny Pacquiao. His came has done it very well. I prepared myself very well.

"It just sucks because I really wanted to win. I really wanted to win so bad. I trained my butt off for this. I can say one thing, though: I never got hurt in the fight. He never hurt me at all. I never got stung. I think the quickness just threw me off guard. I had a sparring partner that was very fast, but I think he was faster than my sparring partner. He never hurt me one bit. It just threw me off guard, the quickness and the awkwardness.

"Big thanks to Manny Pacquiao for giving me an opportunity like this. I'd like to thank the Chinese for having me here for a big fight. My first mega-fight, and I'm glad it was here in front of you people.

"I feel great. I'm not hurt. I'm not stung or nothing like that. I feel good. I could probably still go another five rounds if I had to. But to the Pacquiao camp, everybody, good job. Congratulations. We'll be back. We'll bounce back and come back harder."

"I was never stunned, never hurt in the fight. What got me was just the speed and the awkwardness. I haven't fought a southpaw in a long, long time. Years. I think that's what got me, the awkwardness. He's very quick."

"If I did (hurt him), maybe that's why he was hugging on to me. There was times when he would hug me when we'd get close. That's not the Manny that everybody's used to seeing. At the end of the day, it is what it is, the fight went the way it did. I tip my hat to Pacquiao. He still has it."

"Every time we got close, he didn't want to exchange with me, so he'd grab me. He's a smaller guy. ... I wasn't trying for the knockout because I'd probably get knocked out myself. I was just trying to fight, trying to fight whenever I can."

"I was trying, I tried, man. I tried my heart out. ... I'll say it over and over: the speed is what got me. The speed was the factor in this fight. He's very fast. He's faster than I thought he was. Motherfucker's fast."

"I'm not going back down to 140. 147 is my weight class."

"The straight left. He got me a couple times with that. That was his best punch. I never got rattled by him. ... His best punch was his quickness."

Robert Garcia

"I think taking the whole year off that he did helped him a lot. He recovered well. I'm sure he trained like never before also. He had a lot to prove and a lot to show. And he did. I'm sure everybody had that question. 'What Pacquiao are we gonna see?' I think we saw the best Pacquiao."

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