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Guillermo Rigondeaux wants to return in Miami, in March

Guillermo Rigondeaux would like to return to the ring this spring in Miami, Florida.

Al Bello

Not wanting to rest on his laurels for long after his decision win over Joseph Agbeko, WBA/WBO junior featherweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux and his handlers plan on jumping right back in the ring. In an article from Boxing Scene's Ryan Burton, Rigondeaux's manager Alex Bornote states that they want to return in March, and be able to fight in Miami due to the city's large Cuban population.

"We want him to fight in March. It's important that you, the press, push this. We want him to return in March. Miami is where we want to fight. We need you guys to help push this," Bornote stated.

Rigondeaux also gave his thoughts:

"It's definitely something that is important to me. I've wanted to fight in Miami, in front of my people for a long time," Rigondeaux told

Returning in March and fighting in Miami both make sense for the undefeated stylist. Rigondeaux is the kind of boxer who needs to keep his name out there as often as possible because his style isn't one that will have people always begging for him to comeback. Staying active every few months would be a wise choice, or he could risk losing his momentum and the "Rigolution" and all that fun stuff. And, for a guy who is not the biggest draw in the world, fighting in Miami would seem like a natural fit.

Will HBO want the fight? That's highly debatable as Rigondeaux hasn't exactly lit them on fire in the past and shows no signs of changing his style any time soon. Does Top Rank think a show in Miami would draw if it was to be headlined by him? People were heavily walking out of his fight with Agbeko this past weekend, would it be any different in Miami? And, finally, does anyone want to fight him? This may sound silly but due to the lack of financial upside to face such a difficult task, few will want to test their skill against one of the best boxers in the world. Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward may be difficult to fight but you know you're going to get paid handsomely to get whipped. That's not the case with Rigondeaux.

Bornote also makes it a point to stress that he wants the press to puch the idea of fighting in Miami. Well, honestly, that sounds like the best location for Rigondeaux to fight so, why not?

There, enjoy that "push".

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