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Kelly Pavlik cited with OVI in Ohio in another brush with the law

Former middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik is back in hot water after being cited with driving while under the influence of alcohol in Youngstown, Ohio.

Harry How

Kelly Pavlik is back in the news, and for probably (sadly enough) what most would expect, and it's nothing to do with boxing. The retired former middleweight champion was cited with a operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol after refusing a breathalyzer in Youngstown, Ohio.

(Lt. Anne) Ralston said troopers patrolling the turnpike got a call from someone concerned about an impaired driver, and the car Pavlik was driving matched the description the caller gave.

A trooper spotted Pavlik's car at the gate trying to exit the turnpike, but Pavlik did not have a pass or ticket on him to exit the toll road, Ralston said.

As the trooper questioned Pavlik, he showed signs that he was impaired, Ralston said. Ralston said the trooper asked Pavlik to take a breath test but Pavlik refused. Pavlik was still cited because the trooper had probable cause to believe Pavlik was drunk, Ralston said.

Pavlik, 31, was charged with a DUI in 2011, which he got reduced to a failure to control charge. He's done rehab in the past. Most recently, he was accused of stiffing a cab driver who picked him up from a bar in Youngstown, a case that is ongoing.

Pavlik's issues with alcohol are nothing new, in other words. David Greisman had this at

At 2:04 a.m. on Monday, Pavlik posted this on his Facebook page:

"f*** i got got again lol"

Later that day, at 5:17 p.m., he added this:

"so we in society can say u can't drink and drive, but you can sell a 24 pack and have beers places, gas stations and everywhere else that sell beer yet if u get pulled over for 2 beers in your system ur f***ed, should we not do the same for a 400 pound women or man that eats cheese burgers and french fries and orders a diet coke, and drive knowing he has high blood pressure and cholesterol"

So for future reference, this is the guy we're dealing with, someone who thinks driving drunk is the same as driving fat. Stupid society.

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