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Broner vs Maidana: Adrien Broner knows Maidana will 'try to hurt' him, calls it biggest fight to date

Adrien Broner isn't looking past the danger presented by powerful Marcos Maidana, but is confident he can win and even stop his opponent on Saturday.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Usually before a fight, Adrien Broner has plenty of trash to talk. And sure, he's given his share in the lead-up to Saturday's WBA welterweight title defense against Marcos Maidana. But while Broner is confident of victory, he's not dismissing Maidana, either, noting his power and the danger it carries.

"I have to stay focused. I am not going to allow distraction," Broner said on Wednesday at a media workout. "I'm not going to lie. This is the biggest fight of my career to date. He is going to try to hurt me, so I am ready and focused."

Broner (27-0, 22 KO) had an on-paper successful but overall somewhat inauspicious debut at welterweight in June of this year, jumping from lightweight to lift the WBA belt from Paulie Malignaggi in Brooklyn via debated split decision. Broner looks to have the body to carry 147 pounds fairly easily, and he didn't seem to have less speed, but a bigger opponent in Malignaggi didn't wilt under his power as past foes have, and he gave Broner plenty of problems.

Maidana (34-3, 31 KO) is definitely the biggest puncher that Broner will have faced to date, but speed has given him problems in the past in losses to Amir Khan and Devon Alexander. And experience against those opponents won't help on Saturday, Broner says.

"He has never fought me. He's never seen anybody in the ring like me, so he doesn't know what he's going to encounter."

Saying that his weight is good -- "I'm eating a lot of ice cream" -- and that he's worked hard in camp, Broner believes that he has the tools to knock out Maidana, which has not yet been done.

"I don't have to explain what is already understood. He makes a lot of mistakes," Broner said.

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