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Brandon Rios fails VADA drug test after loss to Pacquiao

Brandon Rios had a bad year in 2013, and it's not getting any better, as VADA reports that he failed a drug test for his bout with Manny Pacquiao in Macao.

Nicky Loh

Brandon Rios failed a VADA drug test, the agency has reported, making what was already a bad year for him professionally even worse. The test found traces of methylhexanamine, also known as DMAA, a banned substance that has often been marketed as a dietary supplement, leading to speculation that Rios indeed did have trouble making weight for the fight despite moving up to 147 pounds.

Rios (31-2, 23 KO) went 0-2 this year, losing to Mike Alvarado in March and Pacquiao on November 23 in Macao. The failed drug test came from a urine sample, and if the B-sample also comes back positive, it's likely that Rios will face some type of suspension, but that could be tricky given that he's probably not looking to return in Macao, so if the Chinese commission suspends him, then, like, you know, whatever, man. I don't know -- it's too early to do more than blindly speculate, but this is a drug that gets athletes suspended in other sports.

It's worth noting that Alex Ariza was working with Rios as his strength and conditioning coach for this camp, and it is also worth noting that nobody but Ariza and Team Rios have any idea if this was a supplement that Ariza gave Rios, or was part of something, or whatever. Best to wait and see before placing blame on Ariza, which I know is easy to do since so few people seem to like his personality.

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