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Dante Selby Media Day, December 13, 2013

Dante Selby was 2-0-1 before his first media day and nothing has changed since. Find out why.

Dante Selby had a media day 2 months ago, but, unfortunately, opponents kept pulling out on him and a fight never materialized. BLH covered Dante then and came back to do it again today. No problem.

Well, maybe just a little problem. It's Friday. I got fights to watch and a results column to put out tomorrow. So let's dispense with the pleasantries and just get right down to the videos:

The media day kicked off with a sparring session against a familiar opponent (Brian Donahue). The intensity kicked up a notch from the previous installment. I had to jump down from the ring a few times as the fight extended over the ropes.

Next on the menu was a heavy bag workout where Dante was joined by his younger brother Tamir ibn Amaar Herbert. Wise cracks at a certain world-renowned trainer from Oxnard California may / may not have been made by team Selby, championed by "The Mad Scientist" Mark Robertson. But it was all jokes, man. No need to get bent out of shape about it...

Then Dante took some power off and hit the punch shield. Robertson is a quality trainer, but not big enough to take heavyweight power.

Then "Snuggley Time" looked his sharpest yet when the mitts came out. You can catch Tamir's encore performance here.

Then Dante jumped rope.

And then he hit the "speed" bag. The bag was kind of flat and didn't perform well so this workout got cut short. I hit the bag in the end to demonstrate as much. Yes, that's on video too.

And finally we wrapped up with an interview. Meet Dante, his trainer, his brother, and his youngest son. Come see Dante fight against Randy Easton on Dec. 18 at the Sands Bethlehem on the undercard of Glen Johnson vs Bobby Gunn, or watch online via GFL.TV.


This Dec. 13, 2013 media day took place at the DSG gym in Philadelphia, owned by world champion Danny Garcia. A photo gallery of the event, courtesy of Darryl Cobb Jr, is available atop this page.


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