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Broner vs Maidana video: Is Alex Ariza using smelling salts in Marcos Maidana's corner?

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Did Alex Ariza administer smelling salts to Marcos Maidana last night on Showtime?

Ronald Martinez

Of course there's some kind of potential controversy. Just, you know, of course there is. Following last night's Marcos Maidana win over Adrien Broner, boxing fans and media have been going wild over one of the biggest and most interesting stories of 2013.

But what about this video? What is Alex Ariza administering to Marcos Maidana in the corner between rounds 11 and 12?

Now, to be clear, I don't know what it is. Nobody but Ariza knows what it is, I suspect. But if those are smelling salts, those are banned in Texas. And that could potentially lead to Maidana's win being overturned.

Another angle:

We'll see. There's no way this won't be addressed, because it's too big a story, and frankly, Broner losing didn't help anyone with the money in boxing. That's not a good thing for the pushers, er, promoters.