Broner's real Problem

I'll admit that I was one of probably many who thought that Broner was going to run a clinic on Maidana, since we all saw that was the furthest thing that actually happened, lets break down the biggest reason why he got beat... badly. I know a lot has already been said about why Broner lost, bad fundamentals, low ring IQ, horrible footwork, etc. Paulie said it best during the fight that Broner needs to be more active, and that's why he lost, but why didn't he let his hands go? He was finding a lot of success when he did particularly in rds 3,5,7, and 11(before the late hit) which are the rounds I scored for him.

Rewatching the fight, I came to think that Broner is afraid of being hit, especially during an exchange. I know a lot of counter punchers usually take a round or two to get warmed up and time their opponents, but in Broner's case this simply isn't true. I believe that Broner is so slow to get going because unless Broner absolutely feels like he won't get hit back, he will not throw a punch. It struck me as odd that even while Maidana was hitting air, Broner refused to counter and retaliate.

You can say that Maidan used his strength to push and swarm Broner, preventing him from countering, but even against opponents who he knows he can't be hurt by (Paulie, Rees, etc) he refuses to let his hands go while they are trying to punch him. Even as their blows landed on his arms, or shoulders, Broner refused to punch back until his opponents hands had stopped moving. Also, I don't think I've ever seen Broner fight his way out of being trapped in the corner or the ropes. It honestly looks like he's playing a turn-based RPG or something out there. You act, then I act. You attack then I defend. I attack then you defend.

If my hunch is correct, then he is going to need to completely reinvent himself as a boxer. His choice of style just isn't meant for someone who is afraid of a simultaneous exchange.

Any comments?

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