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Roger Mayweather: Broner wasn't what people thought he was, he got his ass whooped

Roger Mayweather, who once noted that Adrien Broner was big and not small, says that Broner is receiving backlash more because he was overhyped than because of his personality.

Chris Robinson: You heard Adrien Broner was upset?

Roger Mayweather: I heard he got his ass whooped.

Robinson: What did you think of it, did you see the fight?

Mayweather: I haven't seen it, but I heard about it.

Robinson: Are you gonna watch it, though, after hearing about how good it was? It was a very good fight.

Mayweather: He ain't gonna fight my nephew anyway. I mean, so I ain't watchin' him 'cause he ain't gonna fight my nephew. He got his ass whooped now.

Robinson: Do you feel it was unfair of the media to try to make him the next Floyd, like he was the next boxing superstar?

Mayweather: I can't even see how the fuck they gonna say he's the next boxing superstar. Who in the fuck did he beat? That's what I wanna know. Who did he beat?

Robinson: Is that how they are in boxing, though, they want that next star--

Mayweather: They want the next star, but the next star has to beat somebody to class as a star. He ain't never beat no-motherfuckin-body! Who he beat?

Robinson: So you've worked with him, you've seen him train here in the gym. Did you think he was a really legit fighter, maybe great, maybe the next star?

Mayweather: No, I ain't seen none of that. I ain't never seen none of that. He had a good win. He had a win. Anybody can have a win. But in boxing you've got to be able to keep winning. You can't worry about -- one win don't mean nothin'. Most guys get a win.

Robinson: Because Broner is such a real colorful personality, he talks a lot, people are now kinda giving him a lot of hate and kinda clowning him a little bit--

Mayweather: Why?

Robinson: Because they just, he's someone people love to hate. So when he loses--

Mayweather: You know why? Because the motherfucker wasn't what he was anyway. He wasn't what people thought he was. They thought he was the next Floyd Mayweather until they found out. Now he got his ass whooped, now people are saying, 'Aw, this motherfucker wasn't no Floyd.' I know goddamn well he wasn't!

Robinson: What's this loss gonna do? Is it gonna humble him a bit?

Mayweather: It's gonna humble him, and the next time he fights, he's gonna get more of a challenge. Because people see now how he got beat. So they probably figure, well, we probably give him a chance, but at the same time, he's beatable. He's a beatable guy. He ain't Floyd. He's a beatable guy. That's the thing about boxing. He got beat.

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