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George Groves a free agent, says American promoters are interested

With a rematch against Carl Froch unlikely and his contract expired, George Groves may be leaving Matchroom Boxing behind to sign with a top American promoter.

Scott Heavey
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Top super middleweight contender George Groves, who lost to WBA and IBF titleholder Carl Froch in a highly controversial stoppage in November and appears to not be headed for a rematch, may be leaving Matchroom Boxing and the UK domestic scene behind as he's considering signing with a top American promoter to move forward with his career.

Groves says his deal with Matchroom has expired, and that the big American promoters, including Golden Boy and Top Rank, as well as DiBella Entertainment and K2 Promotions, are all interested in taking him on.

'There's an awful lot of promoters interested in me,' Groves told Sportsmail. 'Because obviously I'm an exciting fighter in a good division, and I've got a successful future. I'm doing my job right and they're interested. Plenty from Stateside - four from Stateside, all the big players are interested. I'm in a good position, I'm happy.'

Groves (19-1, 15 KO) may have taken the loss on his record, but he made a lot of fans and even more believers with his performance against Froch (32-2, 23 KO), who does still remain one of the true top fighters in the sport, and one of the most accomplished. Froch, despite talking about it constantly, does not appear to have any interest in facing Groves again next, and if Matchroom can't deliver that fight, it would make sense that Groves may head elsewhere to seek his fortunes and other world title opportunities.

After all, if the Froch-Groves rematch became more interesting to Froch at some point, he could still get that fight if he were promoted by Golden Boy or Top Rank, who both have worked with Matchroom without any issue. The only move Groves could make that would prevent him from facing Matchroom fighters is heading back to Frank Warren, and that's not a possibility, or at least it would not appear to be. Groves and Warren had a short fighter-promoter relationship that saw neither side particularly happy with how it went, and the end wasn't exactly pleasant, either.

With Froch all but off the table right now, should Groves head to the States and look for a big fight here instead of continuing to ply his trade at home?

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