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Judah vs Malignaggi results: Sakio Bika and Anthony Dirrell brawl to a draw

Sakio Bika and Anthony Dirrell started hot, and as the fight wore on, the fight got sloppier and dirtier. In the end, the two went to a draw in Brooklyn.

Al Bello
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Sakio Bika retained his WBC super middleweight title tonight, but didn't get his hand raised, as his progressively uglier fight with Anthony Dirrell was scored a split draw. Official scores were 114-112 Bika, 116-110 Dirrell, and 113-113. BLH had it 114-112 for Bika.

Bika (32-5-3, 21 KO) said after the fight that he felt like he'd won the bout, and if not for a knockdown ruled in the fifth round against him, or a point taken in the 11th for a series of fouls that included a heavy low blow, he would have gotten the split decision nod.

Dirrell (26-0-1, 22 KO) left the ring dejected immediately after Jimmy Lennon Jr announced the draw, his shoulders slumped. Dirrell started the bout fast, but had some stamina issues as the fight wore on, and it would seem that perhaps his body language, which grew more and more unfavorable as the fight wore on, perhaps did him no favors.

There was a good argument for either man winning this fight (I don't know about 116-110, but...) and the draw verdict is hardly the worst decision, but it's never satisfying for anyone when a fight ends in a draw.

As for a rematch, Bika said he's not interested, as he feels he already won, but it could happen anyway. Both men are advised by Al Haymon and it's not as if they're on the doorstep for some mega-fight.

Our live coverage continues here.

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