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Rigondeaux vs Agbeko Results: Rigondeaux shuts out Agbeko in snoozer, Kirkland hammers Tapia in 6, Macklin decisions Russ

Guillermo Rigondeaux, James Kirkland and Matthew Macklin emerged as winners tonight on HBO Boxing After Dark.

Guillermo Rigondeaux
Guillermo Rigondeaux
Chris Farina / Top Rank

In a contest almost totally devoid of action, Guillermo Rigondeaux cruised to a shutout victory over Joseph Agbeko.  Now a perfect 13-0, Rigondeaux established his superiority early, and with Agbeko too weary of the Cuban's counterpunching ability, the fight deteriorated into a dreary affair in which neither man took any chances.  All 3 judges scored it 120-108.

In a brutal junior-middleweight encounter, James Kirkland leveled a relentless beating on an exceedingly game Glen Tapia.  The previously undefeated Tapia started out well, catching Kirkland clean with a number of hard right hands in the opening round.  But the fight turned in the second session, with Kirkland forcing his way inside, constantly backing up Tapia and landing thudding shots upstairs and downstairs with both hands.

The fight could have been stopped after the fourth or fifth rounds, with the doctor and referee Steve Smoger taking a close look at Tapia, but after consulting, agreed to let it continue.  Finally in the sixth round, Kirkland, who never stopped throwing from start to finish, worked Tapia into a corner with another heavy handed assault, forcing Steve Smoger to finally stop it.  Unfortunately, Kirkland landed one final vicious left, a split second after Smoger had stepped in, causing Tapia to slump against the referee, in a worrisome scene.  Thankfully, Tapia appeared alert on his stool, but he took a ton of punishment and we can only hope the damages incurred tonight won't hurt his future.

Matthew Macklin had little trouble with the previously unbeaten Lamar Russ, winning by scores of 98-92, 97-93 and 97-93.  With a busy left jab, the lanky Russ had his moments in a couple of earlier rounds.  He found the mark with left hands to the body on occasion, though had difficultly keeping Macklin at a comfortable range, and was often forced into retreat when the veteran attacked.  By the middle rounds, the fight was becoming increasingly one-sided, with Macklin backing Russ up, cleverly picking his moments to jump in with scoring blows.  Macklin landed a thudding right hand in the 9th round that appeared to shake Russ up, but the youngster showed his resolve in maintaining his composure and came back strong in the final session.

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