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Darren Barker's career in doubt due to hip injury suffered against Sturm

Following a TKO-2 loss to Felix Sturm that came at least in part due to a recurring hip injury, Darren Barker's boxing career may be over.

Simon Hofmann
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Darren Barker might not be able to fight again after suffering another injury to his hip in yesterday's TKO-2 loss in Germany to Felix Sturm according to members of his team in a report at Sky Sports.

Here's what trainer Tony Sims said about the injury:

"It's a disaster - you'll probably never see him in the ring again. His hip went in the first round when he threw a right hand. He came back to the corner and said 'I think it's gone, it's hurting me'. In the second round he got clipped with a shot and - I don't know what's happened - it's completely gone on him. I was hoping it would just be a muscle injury but when he went down the next time I threw the towel in because I knew he couldn't move."

Eddie Hearn also isn't optimistic about seeing Barker back in the ring:

"If it's as bad as we think it is I'm not sure he's going to be involved in the rematch, and if he's not involved in a rematch I would suggest that would make his decision for him."

Barker, 31, has had a tough career, largely due to injuries outside of the ring. It was a huge battle back for him after his 2011 loss to Sergio Martinez, and this level of setback could mentally beat him as much as physically, and from what Sims seems to believe, the hips just aren't going to let him fight on.

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