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Andre Ward suing promoter Dan Goossen, again trying to break free from contract

Andre Ward really doesn't want to fight for Dan Goossen anymore, as the super middleweight champ is now suing his promoter.

Harry How

Andre Ward sat out almost all of 2013, and if his latest maneuver is any indication, he's ready for an extended break in 2014, too, as he's suing promoter Dan Goossen to try and break a contract that has him signed until 2016.

Ward tried to leave Goossen earlier this year, but an arbitrator ruled in the promoter's favor. Goossen said then that he hoped that they could leave that behind them and move forward, but Ward clearly doesn't want to be promoted by Goossen Tutor anymore, so he's not interested in just leaving it at that and working through the deal.

The unbeaten super middleweight champ was linked to a possible move to Top Rank, though Top Rank denied any inappropriate contact with the fighter. Bob Arum did say, as any promoter would, really, that if the situation came up where they could talk to Ward, he'd like to promote him, which, you know, duh, who wouldn't want to? He's an HBO headline fighter and one of the best in the world.

TMZ has this:

Ward says he signed the initial deal back in 2004, and because CA labor laws prevent companies from signing people for more than 7 years at a time, he should be able to leave Goossen for greener pastures. He wants a judge to void the contract ASAP.

Will Ward get out? Time will tell. But it's very, very clear now that he does not intend to fight for Goossen Tutor again.

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