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Scott Quigg: Fight with Carl Frampton 'will definitely happen'

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Scott Quigg was impressed with Carl Frampton's win over Kiko Martinez, but is still confident that he'll beat Frampton if and when the two make a fight.

Scott Heavey

Scott Quigg is confident that he will get the chance to face new European super bantamweight champ Carl Frampton soon, and even after being impressed by Frampton's win over Kiko Martinez, he's also confident he'll walk away the victor:

"It was very impressive to be honest. He kept his cool. I thought for the first four or five rounds Martinez was going to be dangerous. Then he (Frampton) started applying the pressure and chipping away, stopping him late on just as I thought he would. ... But the fight will definitely happen. I want it and he wants it. It's got to happen - the public want it. ... I'm very confident (of winning) when the fight happens."

Quigg (25-0-1, 18 KO) is the interim WBA champ at 122 pounds right now, while Frampton (16-0, 11 KO) has talked about targeting an IBF title shot. Alejandro Lopez and Jhonatan Romero will fight for the vacant IBF title on February 16, and Frampton says he's "basically been assured" that he's in line for a title shot.

Frampton-Quigg would no doubt be a big-time fight in the UK, and would be really significant in the 122-pound division right now, too. Both guys are top ten fighters and rising players in the division. It also figures to be a terrific action fight if it's made, as the two appear to have styles that would mesh very nicely.