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Juan Manuel Marquez will not have a tune-up fight in April

Juan Manuel Marquez's trainer Nacho Beristain has said that there is not enough time to prepare for an April tune-up fight.

Al Bello

Over the last couple years Juan Manuel Marquez has taken a tune-up fight to stay sharp ahead of fighting Manny Pacquiao each time. However, it appears this year will be different. Marquez's trainer, the great Nacho Beristain has now said there is simply not enough time to prepare for an April fight. If Marquez began training now, according to Beristain, the earliest he could be ready is the middle of May.

Here is what Beristain had to say, via Boxing Scene:

"I have not seen Juan, nor have i spoken to him. It has been said in the media that there are plans to fight in April, but I think that cannot happen. If Juan came back to the gym (this) week, he wouldn't be ready to fight until the second half of May, and not before then. A lot of plans are made, but the reality is that he needs a certain amount of time to prepare. When he comes in to start his preparation is when I will know (when he can return), and so far I know nothing. All I know is what has been published (in the press), but nothing more than that," Beristain said.

I suppose it's still possible Marquez could have a tune-up fight later in May or even June. However, it's unlikely he would want to push it so close to September, the proposed month of his next showdown with Pacquiao. They could always push back the fight as well, perhaps to October or November. Between possible pay-per-view events like Floyd Mayweather - Canelo Alvarez or a rematch between Sergio Martinez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., the fall could be very cramped, however. At this point, nothing has been signed for the fight, but each man's representatives have been talking.

From the way things have gone, it's looking more and more likely that each man will just go straight into their fifth fight with nothing in-between.

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