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Matthew Macklin and Andy Lee both claim they want to fight each other

Matthew Macklin and Andy Lee both say they want to face each other. However, Macklin feels Lee is just talking and says Lee's people know that Macklin has his number.

Jeff Bottari

Middleweight contenders Matthew Macklin and Andy Lee are apparently ready to face one another after they each exchanged some words to each other through various interviews.

Before the weigh-in for his fight this past weekend against Anthony Fitzgerald, Lee did an interview where he stated that Macklin would "Be one of the easier fights" for him. This was in response to Macklin earlier saying he felt he was a level above the other middleweight contenders.

Now, Macklin has responded to Lee's challenge. Here is what Macklin had to say about the potential of a fight with Lee, via World Boxing News (the Lee interview is at the bottom of the article, he talks about Macklin at about the 1:50 mark):

"Lou (Dibella) has a HBO television date for May 11 and I know he wants to match myself and Andy on that show. We're both promoted by Lou so as Andy himself said there are no obstacles to making the fight. It could be made in five minutes. Lou has a TV date for it and I want the fight so the only question is does Andy really want it or does he just want to be seen to want it?"

"I was surprised when I saw him say that a fight with me would be one of his easiest fights and I pulled him on it on Twitter but he's gone very quiet since then. I honestly don't believe he fancies it and never has but he is after digging a hole for himself with his recent comments so it's time for him to put up or shut up."

"He's a decent boxer but privately he and the people around him have always known that I have his number. I've already told Lou that I'm happy to take the fight so if Andy wants it all he has to do is call Lou and we can get it on. Otherwise he needs to stop talking about a fight he's afraid to take and get on with his own boxing career."

Macklin's manager, Brian Peters, had this to add:

"I was surprised by Andy's comments. It seemed out of character for him but it was music to Matthew's ears because he has always wanted the fight. It's a fight that boxing fans have wanted for years and it's a fight I tried to make before but with both guys being promoted by Lou there's absolutely no reason why it can't happen now on May 11th.

I have to admit I would really love this fight. Neither man is an elite fighter by any stretch of the imagination, but both guys are solid pros that could really make for an excellent fight. They are both promoted by Dibella, so why not? A win here would give either man a big push and, I like I said, it's bound to be a great fight so I'm not sure if the loser would necessarily lose a ton of ground either.

One more quick note: May 11th is the Saturday after Floyd Mayweather's next fight. The relevance of this is that his bout will likely be replayed either before or after the live card. It's a massive opportunity for whoever fights on that date. It's even more important that boxing puts forth an exciting fight that night that will be seen by many casual fans. I believe this fight could do the trick.

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