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Broner vs Rees results: Sakio Bika outclasses Nikola Sjekloca in WBC eliminator

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Sakio Bika earned a potential rematch with Andre Ward tonight in Atlantic City, rather easily defeating previously unbeaten Nikola Sjekloca in a WBC super middleweight eliminator.


Sakio Bika was expected by most to win over Nikola Sjekloca, an unbeaten fighter with a soft record coming into tonight's fight in Atlantic City, but few expected it to be a 12-round showcase performance from the Cameroonian veteran, who outpointed Sjekloca on scores of 120-108, 119-109, and 118-112. BLH had it 120-108 for Bika.

The win gives Bika (31-5-2, 21 KO) a possible rematch with WBC super middleweight champ Andre Ward. Ward beat Bika in 2010, but it was as competitive and rough a night as Ward has had as a pro, and a rematch wouldn't really be any worse than just about anything else Ward might do if he stays at 168 pounds upon his return from shoulder surgery.

Sjekloca (25-1, 7 KO) was overpowered by Bika, which most expected, but Sakio's work with trainer Kevin Cunningham has apparently been geared around settling his more savage instincts, as the crazed BIKA SMASH! parts of his game seem to be gone, replaced by a more technical approach. Or maybe, as HBO's Jim Lampley put it at one point, Sjekloca was so slow that he made Bika look like a technical puncher.

Adrien Broner faces Gavin Rees next in the night's main event. Join us!