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Lucas Matthysse says he has asked Oscar de la Hoya for Danny Garcia fight

Lucas Matthysse says he has asked Oscar de la Hoya to get him a fight with Danny Garcia. He also discussed a potential fight with Marcos Maidana.

Kevork Djansezian

The junior welterweight division is one of the best in boxing. And if Lucas Matthysse gets his way, it may get even more interesting. Considered by many to be either the best or second best 140-pound fighter in the world, Matthysse has said he went to Oscar de la Hoya and asked a fight be made with the other man who has an argument for the top spot, Danny Garcia (Brandon Rios could also be up there). He also mentioned that he has no problem squaring off with Argentinian counterpart Marcos Maidana as well.

Here is what Matthysse had to say, via Boxing Scene:

"I'll fight (Maidana) whenever he wants. I have no problem fighting anybody, but I want to fight Danny Garcia because I want to become full champion. I don't think Maidana will agree to a fight because he's a welterweight and I'm not going to move up in weight. I've asked (Golden Boy president) Oscar de la Hoya to get me the fight with Danny Garcia," Matthysse said.

I think I can speak for the majority of boxing fans when I say I am glad Matthysee has gone to De la Hoya and asked for the fight with Garcia. Not only are they widely viewed as the top two in the division, but the fight inside the ring could be something tremendous. Really, the most important variable to getting a fight made these days is who one is promoted by. Thankfully, they have the same promoter, Golden Boy, so that obstacle can be hurdled.

Matthysse also discussed the possibility of a bout with Maidana. This would be another fan-favorite type of fight, but if Matthysee doesn't want to go up in weight any then I doubt it would get done. Maidana seems content on staying at welterweight. My guess is they would need to do a catchweight, perhaps 143 or 144, in order for that fight to ever be made.

Matthysse is a guy that wants and deserves a big fight. He's beaten some solid guys in Mike Dallas Jr., Ajose Olusegun, and Humberto Soto in his last three fights. But, thus far, anything close to a big fight has eluded him. I do hope Golden Boy steps to the plate to get the fight done.

Either way, the 140-pound weight class is very hot at the moment. Garcia is set to take on Zab Judah on April 27th at the Barclays Benter in Brooklyn in what could be a good fight if Judah shows up to win. Also, Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado will have a rematch to one of the best fights of last year (and what Kevin Iole called the best fight of this century) on March 30 in Las Vegas.

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