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Richard Schaefer on Mayweather's Showtime deal, Broner's HBO future, Canelo-Trout

Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer gave his thoughts on the big topics in boxing, most notably the stunning news of Floyd Mayweather signing a deal to jump to Showtime Sports.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Richard Schaefer spoke with about a variety of hot topics, mostly centered around yesterday's huge news that Showtime had signed Floyd Mayweather to a six-fight, 30-month deal, taking the top PPV star in the industry from the giants at HBO.

Schaefer says the deal is massive and redefines the pay-per-view model, and also says that Mayweather didn't take rush into the decision, citing his loyalty to HBO, which has broadcast almost every fight of his relevant career:

"For him, it took him a while to make sure that he's going to make the right decision. Because the fact is he's been with HBO for so long and he wanted to make sure that he was making the right decision. And that's why it took a while, because he didn’t take this lightly."

Mayweather, 36, has fought on HBO or HBO pay-per-view and nowhere else since his 1999 fight with Carlos Rios, which was broadcast on cable channel TNT.

One of the other major topics of discussion floating around right now is what will happen in the relations between HBO and Golden Boy, who have taken the majority of their fighters over to Showtime, where former GBP attorney Stephen Espinoza now runs the show, and where Top Rank has been basically cut out, the blame for that changing based upon whom you ask.

Notable within this chatting is Adrien Broner, a rising Golden Boy star, also advised by Al Haymon, who just headlined again on HBO this past weekend, and stands to become a flagship star for the network as they sort of retool and get past the changing of the guard, as it were.

Schaefer says he's suggested that HBO sign Broner to a multi-fight deal; given that they've just lost Floyd, that may be more an ultimatum than anything. "Sign Broner to a long deal or he goes to Showtime, too." If HBO is still open to working with Golden Boy and Haymon, and of course they should be and almost surely are, then an investment in Broner is something that seems a likely roll of the dice.

Also brought up was the reported May 4 PPV co-feature bout between Canelo Alvarez and Austin Trout, which Schaefer says isn't finalized. He seems to be holding on to some faint glimmer of hope that it won't happen -- it's an open secret of sorts that Schaefer has not been high on that risky matchup for his young Mexican star -- and says there are other fighters still in the mix.

Alvarez, though, seems dead set on fighting Trout, and if Canelo really insists upon that matchup, they should probably give it to him. They'd hate to wind up annoying Canelo and then watch him leave Golden Boy when his deal is up to either promote himself or work with Top Rank, sacrificing a guy who has a long stardom ahead of him.

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