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Robert Guerrero: 'Mayweather has slowed down, but is smarter now'

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Robert Guerrero is confident he's the man to knock off Floyd Mayweather when the two meet on May 4, but is approaching the fight with a level head.

Ethan Miller

Robert Guerrero will get his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on May 4, when he faces Floyd Mayweather for the WBC welterweight title at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, live on Showtime pay-per-view. Guerrero spoke with about the fight, and came off as a guy who is confident in his ability to score what would be the most significant upset of the new century.

Guerrero says Mayweather has "slowed down a bit," but also "wiser and smarter" in the ring. At 36, I don't think there's any question Floyd has slowed down, which some always take as "hating," pointing out that he has continued to win convincingly against good opponents, but age takes a toll on everyone, and Mayweather has had plenty of nagging little injuries over the years, pains he's likely feeling more by the year. Nobody, not even Floyd Mayweather, is immune to time.

Guerrero, 29, has youth on his side, and at this point may be the slightly bigger and stronger man, as he's becoming a bit of a bulldozer as a welterweight, bullying Selcuk Aydin and Andre Berto in wins last year. But neither of those guys are near Mayweather's level, and Guerrero knows that as well as everyone else does. He's earned the fight, but earning it and delivering on fight night are different things. Guerrero has to step up bigger than ever if he's going to have a hope on May 4.