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Floyd Mayweather excited about fighting more often, won't overlook Robert Guerrero

Floyd Mayweather discussed his jump to Showtime, his upcoming fight with Robert Guerrero, and his excitement over being a more active fighter in the coming years at yesterday's Bundrage-Smith press conference.


Floyd Mayweather somewhat stole the show at yesterday's Bundrage-Smith press conference, as he's done all week after signing a six-fight deal with Showtime and CBS Sports. Here's more of what Mayweather had to say at the press conference, including his thoughts on his May 4 fight with Robert Guerrero.

"I am happy to be the face of boxing and give the fans the excitement they are looking for. It is all about hard work and dedication. I do that every time I prepare for a fight and Mayweather Promotions' goal is to do that too.

"My career is not over yet. I have done it my whole life and I have always worked hard to be the best. That was my goal from the very beginning. To have my name mentioned with the likes of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and Tommy Hearns, so many legendary champions that paved the way for me, I am appreciative.

"I get motivated just by watching the young fighters, going to the boxing matches and watching these young guys come up. Even though it is hard for me to go out to a boxing match, as it does get a little crazy when I show up, I have been doing it lately and being around the sport. Watching the fights is exciting and helps me stay motivated.

"SHOWTIME and CBS, I've got to take my hat off to them. They did a tremendous job and I am happy to be a part of this family. It's not just SHOWTIME. It's CBS too. I have to give everyone their just due and credit. They are partners, came together and gave me a great deal and one I couldn't refuse. I couldn't ask for a better deal.

"I am comfortable in this new relationship and my team is happy too. It's like a new marriage and I feel good about it. I will be ready to go May 4, Cinco de Mayo. It's going to be MayDay and May-Per-View.

"Robert Guerrero is a champion. For this guy to be mentioned with some of the top fighters in today's time, he must have done something right or correct in his career. This is a guy who I know I can't overlook; I have to push myself to the limit. I have to dedicate myself and I have to do what it takes to stay at the top.

"Guerrero is a very aggressive fighter. I am starting to train. As a matter of fact, this week I was out on the basketball court with some young kids working on my cardio. I have to build my cardio up to fight Guerrero. I will not overlook him. I don't overlook anyone. I know that everyone who fights me is gunning for me, so I have to be ready for what they are ready to give me.

"I am absolutely excited about fighting more. It's about staying active and that means a lot more of me. Before my career ends, that's what I am going to give the fans-a whole lot more of me. It's SHOWTIME baby!

"I am a veteran in the sport. I have been in the sport of boxing for 17 years and I am still doing record-breaking numbers. Boxing isn't going anywhere as long as Floyd Mayweather is here. The sport is here to stay.

"People don't understand that I just didn't wake up overnight and become pound-for-pound champion. My legacy is not based on any one fight and if that was the case, I didn't need to fight 43 fights. I'll continue to strive for the best no matter who it is that I'm fighting.

"I don't think people give me the credit that I'm due for dealing with the drug issues in our sport. I'm the pioneer when it comes to making sure fighters have an equal playing field when we fight. We need to take random blood and urine tests to make our sport fair and safe.

"I am really happy right now. SHOWTIME let's do it."

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