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Victor Ortiz not impressed with Canelo Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin

Victor Ortiz spoke with Ring Magazine and answered reader questions about his future, his thoughts on Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, and who he'll be training with in the future.

On who will train him next

"Freddie Roach is a wonderful man. A great coach, one of the best of all-time, one of the greatest in my eyes. At this point in time (1), he and I are still trying to check out the chemistry that we have. We've shared some great chemistry in the ring so far. At this point in time (2) though, I know that he's a busy man. So given that, Coach Haas, which is my coach from my previous team, he's kind of like the captain, I guess you could say, he's kind of making the decisions right now for me, in the sense of where to go, who we should align with right now. So I'm leaving this to Coach Haas as of right now. He aligned me with about four different coaches, and Freddie's been the first to work with me. At this point in time (3), nothing's been decided just yet. But I can say that Freddie is awesome and so far, we've meshed pretty well."

On fighting Amir Khan

"Obviously, we all know and the world knows, that Amir is a pretty good fighter. I could definitely see myself boxing him. In the amateurs we met, he beat me on a point system, which I didn't think was a cool system. I don't agree with that system. It's after like a 20-point rule, anyone who scores 20 points before the other, it gets automatically stopped. I was hand-in-hand with him, but I was too pro of a style. I think now would be a great time to box him. Only thing is, it might shorten his career."

On Gabriel Rosado calling him out

"Gabriel Rosado, you know, I saw him fight just recently. Hey, it is what it is, it's boxing, you know? I'm definitely willing to fight anybody. To this day and age, I'm not your typical fighter who takes the easy fights, takes the easy way out of things. That's probably one of the best assets that I can say I have. I'll box anybody, I'll take on whoever. If all goes well and whoever allows it, let's do this. I don't run and I don't hide."

On Rosado's fight with Gennady Golovkin

"I wasn't impressed by either. But that's just my opinion. I'm not badmouthing anyone, I just say how it is. At the same time, everyone has their opinions, and they're liable to their opinions, and I stand by mine."

On how he views himself now as opposed to before the Maidana fight

"Before Maidana, there was a lot of pressure, I guess you can say, from each and every angle. I've never been on such a stage. I'm not gonna sit here and make excuses, you know. Maidana and I had a great fight. It was a heck of a war. If we had a fight number two, Maidana no more. But at the same time, that hasn't happened and probably won't happen. I moved up to 147. I can't really say a whole lot on that. Everyone has their opinion, I have mine. I have definitely grown from that fight. I've learned a lot since that fight. That was in '09, you know? I've had my ups, I've had my downs since then. I'm just growing stronger. I was younger then. I just turned 26. I'm finally in my prime. So watch out."

On staying at 147 or moving to 154, and a fight with Canelo Alvarez

"I am gonna stay at 147 pounds for a little bit longer I'm sure, just because I wanna clean the division. By that I mean I wanna end streaks there. I wanna show that I am that pound-for-pound 147. Once I'm done there, definitely 154, that's next. As for Canelo Alvarez, I'll say, I don't have any disrespectful remarks against him. I've never been impressed by his fighting game. People have their opinions again, and my opinion to me is what counts. Canelo's a decent fighter. But I don't agree with it. Never will. Unless of course, we get a nice fight. If he gives me a shot, we'll check it out. I strongly believe I'm better in many ways. I'll prove it soon enough."

On his future

"Tune in because, you know my fights keep you on your feet, not on your seat. Just enjoy the time! Enjoy me fighting. Any time you see me fight, it's almost guaranteed you're not gonna have a boring show. It's exciting. Either I go down, he goes down, somebody's going down. Something. It's a sport. Check me out, you guys."

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