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Timothy Bradley: 'Provodnikov won't be as strong as me'

Timothy Bradley says he's aiming to stop Ruslan Provodnikov on March 16, as he looks to impress after a long layoff and some bad press.

"All my training camps are always -- I always bring the intensity. Working hard is what I do. I always come in tremendous shape, so everybody can forget about me not taking this guy seriously. This guy is definitely a threat, and I'm looking to take him out."

"It's always good to definitely see all the media coming out, supporting. We want to thank the media for that. It's always good to be back in the ring, because that's where I feel comfortable at, and also getting that exposure and showing my talent out there. I'm glad to be back. It's been a long layoff. It's just time to go to work. Can't wait."

"I never talk about ring rust. I don't believe in it. It's just preparation. Preparation is everything. If you're prepared the right way for the event, you should do well, regardless of how much time you take off. Not a problem for me at all. I'm looking good in practice, strong. Been working on my technique in practice. That's a big thing I lacked in my training camp, is technique. I'm really focusing on that. I'm hoping that everything falls into place on March 16, and I'm gonna be able to knock this guy out."

"He's gonna make a lot of mistakes, and I'm gonna make him pay for it. Working the body is always part of my game plan. He says he's gonna bring the fight to me all night, but once he feels my power, once he feels how strong I am on the inside, once he sees how smart I am from the outside, he's not gonna rush in there, I guarantee you. He's gonna move forward, but I tell you, there's gonna be a point in the fight where I move forward, I'm gonna push him back. Because he's not gonna be as strong as me and he's not gonna be able to out-think me."

"Home Depot is the place where it's going down. If you're gonna miss this fight, I'm telling you, don't miss it. This guy is a cocky little fella. He thinks he can win, he thinks he can beat me, he thinks he's gonna maul me, it's not gonna happen. I'm letting you know right now it's not gonna happen. He's gonna end up on his back, on the canvas, March 16th, I guarantee you. Come out and see me.

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