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Froch vs. Kessler II: Froch says "it's the end for the loser" for fight with Kessler

Carl Froch states that "it's the end for the loser" for his rematch with Mikkel Kessler. Would either man actually retire if they lost?

Scott Heavey

We hear boxers discussing their own retirement an awful lot it seems. Even with the best intentions they almost never leave the sport as planned. Now, in preparation for his rematch with Mikkel Kessler, Carl Froch has said that he feels it would be the end of the line for him should he lose to his rival on May 25.

Here is what Froch told the Daily Star, via Boxing Scene:

"I think it's the end for the loser, to be totally honest. Depending on how the fight goes, I don't think Mikkel Kessler would come back after a loss. And I am pretty sure that I wouldn't, either. For me, I need to win this fight. This fight means everything to me."

"I want to make sure that, when I get in there, I leave it all in the ring. I know that will be enough to get this guy on the night. So, as far as I am concerned, I have a good 18 months to two years left at the top and I aim to look forward to it."

It will certainly be a clear setback for whichever man loses, but it would be nothing embarassing. Both are high-level fighters that have shown they can comeback from losses in the past. However, they are not getting younger, and a loss at this point could make it very difficult to get back to the status they once obtained.

Froch seems like a guy who genuinely means and believes what he says. He is a very proud individual so it would not shock me if he just called it a career if he were to lose. Of course, with time his feelings could always change.

Do you think the loser, especially Froch, would retire if they lost here?

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