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Donaire vs. Rigondeaux: Rigondeaux officially hires Pedro Diaz as new trainer

Ahead of the biggest fight of his career, Guillermo Rigondeaux has decided to switch trainers and hire Pedro Diaz to be in his corner when he faces Nonito Donaire.

Kevork Djansezian

With the biggest fight of his life (by far) looming on the horizon, Guillermo Rigondeaux has decided to switch trainers. Penciled in to face Top Rank counterpart Nonito Donaire on April 13, the Cuban amateur sensation will have Pedro Diaz in his corner come fight night rather than his usual trainer, Jorge Rubio.

It was reported a week ago that Rigondeaux's manager, Gary Hyde, was trying vehemently to sway him from doing this. However, Hyde's resistance must have fallen on deaf ears as the switch has become official according to Boxing Scene.

Here is what Rigondeaux told Boxing Scene regarding the change of trainers:

"Gary Hyde does not need to see who is training me. I'm the one who pays the trainer and therefore I'm the one who selects the trainer. I feels very comfortable with Pedro Diaz, being my longtime trainer since the amateur days and I feel great with the decision and I'm going forward with Pedro. I'm definitely, 100% going forward with Pedro Diaz. I did not have any problems with my prior trainers, it's just a decision that I feel is the best one for my career by going with the trainer that knew me since the amateurs, since the Olympics. The other trainer is a very good trainer, but this is the right decision for me with the biggest fight of my career coming up."

The article also states that rumors have circulated about Rigondeaux possibly just wanting Diaz because he will work at a cheaper price. Naturally, Rigondeaux denies this.

Either way, this is a huge step to take before such a massive fight.

Diaz has worked with him before, but that has been a good while ago. However, Diaz is a very respected trainer so it isn't like this is a totally off-the-wall thing. Diaz was in the news a lot last spring for training Miguel Cotto to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. Diaz helped Cotto give Mayweather one of his most taxing fights to date.

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