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Mayweather vs Alexander: Kell Brook's promoter weighs in, says they'll fight for IBF shot

Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing says he will 'fight tooth and nail' to get Kell Brook his rightful IBF title shot following the news that Devon Alexander may be facing Floyd Mayweather on May 4.

Scott Heavey
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Matchroom Boxing's Eddie Hearn seems to be as surprised as everyone else by the sudden news from Floyd Mayweather that the superstar fighter is near a deal to face IBF welterweight titlist Devon Alexander on May 4, tweeting about the bombshell this morning from the UK.

Alexander was due to face mandatory challenger Kell Brook, which was postponed from its original January date due to a Brook injury, and then again this past week when Alexander reportedly suffered a bicep injury.

Hearn had this to say on Twitter:

"Number 1 we have a signed contract to fight Devon Alexander for the IBF title. Number 2 If they want Alexander v Mayweather to be a unification they would have to ask for an exemption from the IBF which is very unlikely given we already have signed contracts AND any exemption would have to take place within 90 days of last bout. We questioned the injury and now we await news from Golden Boy which, given the news that they are looking to enter the UK promoting market should be interesting. We will fight tooth and nail for Kell Brook and thanks for your support."

Basically, it seems as though to keep a possible Mayweather-Alexander fight for both Mayweather's WBC and Alexander's IBF titles, Golden Boy and Al Haymon would likely have to send a big bunch of money Brook's way.

Whether or not that would be enough, I have no idea -- Brook and Matchroom wouldn't be getting the IBF shot they've fought to receive either way, and would likely have to wait for Mayweather to later vacate that title if he were to beat Alexander as everyone would expect, which would mean a lot of downtime considering they've got a contract to face Devon. That might be more than they're willing to give up after their journey to get here.

Of course, a lot of people still expect this is all a bluff, and that Alexander-Brook will happen as has been planned, but if it's not, there's a lot going on with this situation.

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