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Burns vs Vazquez: Ricky Burns ready for March 16 unification fight, talks future Broner bout

Ricky Burns discusses his March 16 world title unification with Miguel Vazquez, and a potential future fight with Adrien Broner.

BoxNation: "Ricky, we just saw you eat a very hot chili there. How is that going to compare with Vazquez in March?"

Ricky Burns: "You know, I usually don't like my spicy foods. There was a couple in there that might have been just a wee bit too hot. But obviously, the fight coming up, it's the biggest and toughest fight of my career so far. I don't always say that, but I think it is, obviously, with two world titles up for grabs."

BoxNation: "What will Vazquez bring to the table?"

Ricky Burns: "He's a very good technical counter puncher. Obviously, very fit as well. When you watch him fight, quite the same as myself, his fitness stays the same from the first to the last bell. I think it will be a very tough fight. But the way things have been going in training and that, I'm going to be ready to deal with whatever comes my way."

BoxNation: "You've been over in Norway preparing for the fight. How did that go?"

Ricky Burns: "Norway was excellent. Everybody over there was very good. Andreas Evensen, that was who we were sparring, he's fighting for the European title. Although style-wise it's not ideal for Vazquez, two totally different fighters in size and style, again, it was organized before this fight was announced, so I didn't want to let him down. But it was good to get away and get a change of scenery for a week."

BoxNation: "You're used to going into a fight as the favorite and you've got the challenger up against you, and you take that pressure on. How different a build-up will this be given the fact that both of you are going into this fight, and you've both got a world title belt on the line."

Ricky Burns: "Obviously, it's a very big fight, but you look at things, especially when you're reading stuff, people with their opinions about the fight, sometimes it can just put that wee bit added pressure on you. So I'm just treating it exactly the same as always. I'm going to do my job. Basically, that's it."

BoxNation: "Vazquez is going to have a longer reach than you, he's a bit taller than you. How will you deal with that?"

Ricky Burns: "We're starting full sparring now. Every week we'll have somebody different up. That kind of similar weight, the way that Vazquez fights. We'll bring in guys, maybe welterweights and stuff like that, so they are a bit heavier taller, and obviously a longer reach. But I think come fight night that's going to benefit me, so whatever happens, I'm going to have it covered."

BoxNation: "I know you don't like to look too far ahead, but this fight, should you get through this, is this the last step on the road to Broner?"

Ricky Burns: "That fight's been spoke about for the last couple of years. Again, at super featherweight, the only reason that fight never happened is it was difficult for the weight. You see the size of me at lightweight, I'm even big for that. One fight at a time, but I've always said, if the fight is meant to happen, it's going to happen eventually. But I've got Miguel Vazquez in front of me now."

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