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Robert Garcia: 'I would love to train Julio Cesar Chavez Jr'

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Reigning Trainer of the Year Robert Garcia says he'd be happy to add Julio Cesar Chavez Jr to his stable of fighters in Oxnard, but hasn't reached any deal or had discussions to do so.

Al Bello

Robert Garcia says he hasn't spoken to anyone, let alone signed up for the job, but the reigning Trainer of the Year would love to train Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in the future.

Freddie Roach, who has trained Chavez since 2010, said this week that he expects Chavez to leave his camp, and likely sign up with Garcia, adding that Alex Ariza and manager Billy Keane had been in Oxnard recently to discuss the matter.

Garcia tells he hasn't met with them, but that the job sounds good:

"I would love to train Chavez. Nobody has said anything to me. Alex Ariza has never even been in my gym and I don't even know Billy Keane. A lot of people keep asking me about it and I would love to train him, but nobody has said anything to me."

Chavez (46-1-1, 32 KO) is coming off of his first career loss to Sergio Martinez, and is on the sidelines awaiting an official suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for failing his post-fight drug test, which will be handed down later this month, assuming Chavez doesn't again postpone the meeting, as he did in early January.

Chavez, who turns 27 on February 16, had been hoping to return in May, and then set up a rematch with Martinez for September.