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Freddie Roach: 'Amir Khan got hit with a left hook and I get blamed for it'

Freddie Roach discusses his thoughts on Amir Khan's December win over Carlos Molina, and some lingering issues between himself and Khan.

Fight Hub TV: "What were your thoughts on Amir Khan's last fight?"

Freddie Roach: "It was a little bit -- it wasn't that great a fight. He won it. He won it easily. It was not that big an opponent. They kept him away from punchers. He's said a lot of bad things in the press and so forth. He's got a big mouth on Twitter and stuff like that and he gets himself in trouble. I really can't believe all the bad things he's said about me, but I wish him the best."

Fight Hub TV: "Does it hurt a little bit? Does it sting?"

Freddie Roach: "It does sting. We had a great relationship. He got hit with a left hook and I get blamed for it. But that's the way it goes."

Fight Hub TV: "Is there any chance the bridge can be mended?"

Freddie Roach: "You know what, I don't have time to be mad at people, to be honest with you. It's too difficult in life. I'll forgive anybody. If he came up to me right now, I'd say hello to him and shake his hand."

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