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Juan Manuel Marquez breaks down KO of Manny Pacquiao

Juan Manuel Marquez sat down and reviewed his fourth fight with Manny Pacquiao for ESPN, breaking down the fight round-by-round, and detailing his knockout punch.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Juan Manuel Marquez gave a detailed account of his December 8 knockout of Manny Pacquiao for ESPN Deportes' "Golpe a Golpe" show, and the text has been posted at It's really a must-read, and here's a quick excerpt:

Sanchez: You practiced that counterpunch a lot. Many people think it was a lucky punch. How did you decide that it was the right moment to throw it?

Marquez: We were waiting for the right moment. Manny Pacquiao always makes a fake move that I know too well. He fakes a charge forward and then looks like he is going to follow with a one-two. That's a common fake he has. What I do is, I wait for the moment, he fakes the punch ... that one-two. Then I go for his right hand as he throws it as a jab -- I go toward his right hand. He comes forward with all his weight, and that's why the fall becomes more forceful and spectacular -- because he is coming straight to me and I make my body twist and turn, and the right hand wasn't in a straight position.

The entire article is very interesting and again, I think it's a must-read. And for fun, here's the GIF of the KO again:


The Pacquiao-Marquez IV fight will be replayed in full on Friday night on ESPN2 starting at 8 pm EST, before the live Friday Night Fights at 9 pm EST.

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