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David Haye: 'Maybe Vitali thinks I'm a little bit too good for him now'

David Haye spoke with BoxNation about his new fitness DVD and his boxing plans for 2013, which are still centered on facing Vitali Klitschko.

BoxNation: "What a lot of fans will want to know, and I'm sure you'll be asked this a million times, are we gonna see you in the ring in 2013?"

David Haye: "I don't know. I hope so. I hope Vitali Klitschko sticks to his word and he tries to knock me out, because he said he can knock me out. He said fight Dereck Chisora and he fights the winner, and I not only beat Dereck Chisora, I knocked him out in good style. Maybe I knocked him out too good. Maybe if I'd struggled on points I'd have gotten the fight. But the way I dispatched of him, maybe he thinks I'm a little bit too good for him now. But who knows? We'll see. Hopefully he'll stick to his word and we'll get a fight in the summer, hopefully. Beating one of the Klitschkos for a heavyweight title is the only thing that I haven't done. And I need to do that. Fingers crossed I get the opportunity. Anything other than the Klitschkos, I couldn't really get motivated for. I've had domestic fights. I fought Dereck Chisora last time out, and I've only got so many fights left in me before I start getting punch drunk. I'm looking at dishing out as much punishment as possible to the Klitschkos. Saving it all for them. I don't want to waste it on anybody else."

BoxNation: "Now you've obviously been in front of the British Boxing Board of Control, how did that all go? Where are you up to with your license?"

David Haye: "I sat down with the board and explained to them the situation and what happened and whatnot, and they understood from my side why I did what I did and what transpired. But all that stuff's behind me. They're looking forward to the future. They would love me to once again challenge and win the heavyweight championship of the world. I'll be doing it as a British Board licensed fighter. They said once I've done my medicals, I'll be good to go."

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