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Todd duBoef: Golden Boy never called for Donaire-Mares fight, no real negotiations

Top Rank President Todd duBoef discusses the Donaire-Mares negotiations, Manny Pacquiao's next move, and Timothy Bradley staying active in 2013.

Marcos Villegas, The Boxing Channel: "Speaking of Pacquiao, how is he? Can we get an update? Is he going to have a tune-up fight or is he going to fight Marquez in September, maybe overseas?"

Todd DuBoef: "I don't know exactly, I don't have an answer for that. There's a lot of conversation that he would like to do a fight sometime overseas before, sometime in the spring. They're talking about it. Their advisers have come back, and have been having conversations. Obviously he has a campaign right now, his political campaign that he's kind of spearheading. So that's gonna be his No. 1 target, and then we'll figure out the boxing career. He feels great, he's had all the examinations people have asked about, he looks great, and everybody says he's in great spirits and wants to get back in the ring and fight."

Villegas: "Everybody's gonna ask you, Nonito Donaire and Abner Mares. What's your take on what ended up happening? Just kind of clear the air, why do you feel that fight didn't come to fruition?"

DuBoef: "First of all, I don't believe that if you have a serious negotiation, it's ever done through the press. I've been involved in some very tenuous situations. Bob and Don King never spoke to each other, and it was time to make Trinidad-De La Hoya. I called up Don, we figured out a way. We met at a deli, and we sat down in two hours, we made the fight. That's how fights are made. There's no grandstanding, no PR campaigns, nothing like that. Unfortunately, we had already targeted April 13 for a Nonito fight. We had made commitments. We responded to this PR contract campaign, and said, 'Listen, we're available April 14 to have a conversation with you. We're committed to this.' That's where we were. We still would love to have a conversation after our commitments that we've made. Gladly do that. But I really believe that genuinely, big fights get made the right way. Big fights get made when you put things aside and you pick up the phone and you have a conversation with somebody, and say, let's really see if we can roll up our sleeves and do it. And I wish that could have been the case here."

Villegas: "So there's no conversations that took place? They didn't pick up the phone, like, 'Hey, Todd, let's make this fight'?"

DuBoef: "No."

Villegas: "So after April, Nonito wants to take a break, but overall, what's your goal with Nonito fight-wise? How active do you want him to be? How many fights are you targeting for him?"

DuBoef: "Listen, if he says he wants to take a break, I gotta listen to him, right? Timmy Bradley's saying, I wanna move, I want a lot of fights this year. They're the ones fighting. I'm the one arranging the fights, so we gotta work hand-in-hand. I think Nonito and Rachel are welcoming their first child sometime in July, the first week in July. That was really the necessity for the April date. They didn't want time that he was training, he wanted to be near home. I think we'll listen to, right after April, what he wants to do after that. Meanwhile, Tim wants to stay very active, so we'll listen to what he has to say."

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