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Carl Frampton: 'I don't know how much Kiko Martinez wants it'

Carl Frampton discusses Kiko Martinez and a potential fight on the horizon with domestic rival Scott Quigg ahead of his shot at the European title tomorrow, saying that Martinez's aggression in the build-up is an act.

Kugan Cassius, iFilm London: "I've been looking for you all day today, because the weigh-in was that manic. Have you been sleeping?"

Carl Frampton: "I had a little kip and got some food in me. But I've been about. This is the first I've seen you. I didn't even see you at the weigh-in."

Cassius: "Talk to me about the weigh-in, because obviously it was, like, it was really manic, there was so many people there, fans and press and media, and he seemed to be trying to entice you into a little war on the stage."

Frampton: "That's not him. You see, he's with this new team, Sergio Martinez and Pablo Sarmiento, and that's what they do at weigh-ins, so he's trying to copy them. But it's not him. It's an act. Still when I'm looking into his eyes, I can see that he -- you know, he looked away, he put his head down. I don't know how much he wants it. I think they're underestimating how strong and how hard I can punch. I think he wants to have a tear-up, but I'll just box my own fight and do the things that are gonna be best for me to win the fight. I know what he wants. He wants me to have a tear-up and get rattled, but it was good, it was exciting today. I hope all the weigh-ins are like that from now on."

Cassius: "You took the words right out of my mouth, because we film all the weigh-ins, and weigh-ins like today, it was borderline. Because it didn't overstep the mark, but there was enough there to sell your fight tomorrow night."

Frampton: "That was it. He sort of, he made the first sort of cutthroat gesture and all, and he's running at me. So I just stood my ground, like, I'm not gonna back away from him, because he's a wee twerp, to be honest. So I just stood my ground and when I got in his face, he sort of looked away first. He crapped himself. Pablo Sarmiento had a go at this lad to my left here, and I don't advise to him to do that. I think if he would have hit him in the chin, he would have knocked him out as well."

Cassius: "At the press conference yesterday, you delivered one of the best lines I've ever heard at a press conference, I genuinely mean that. I'm gonna repeat it. You said to him, 'That European title is a bit like your hair, you're losing it.' Did you think about that one, or did you just--"

Frampton: "That was my dad. He was standing there beside me, he came up with it. He saw a picture of us last week. The kid is the same age as me, but he has no hair left. My dad came up with that one, but I stole it. We'll keep that quiet. I'll claim it."

Cassius: "Third time lucky, I know you were saying we'll wait and see whether he turns up in the ring and all that, but tomorrow night, it's going to happen, so it's a chance for you to put the record straight, if there's anyone doubting you that you can't beat Kiko Martinez, you're going to put that right tomorrow."

Frampton: "There's a few people thinking he can beat me, because he's a dangerous puncher, and they'll be looking at this fight as if I haven't boxed a puncher before. But we understand that he's a dangerous fighter, and I just have to be smart. I'm better and more skillful than him. I believe even though he punches hard, I punch harder. I don't think he's been hit as hard as I can punch. Once I hit him in the first round, he's gonna be in for a shock. I really do think they're underestimating my power. We'll see how eager he is to come forward once he gets clipped in the first round. But whatever happens, it's going to be an exciting fight, it really will. I genuinely believe I can be the first man to stop this guy. It'll be a big statement if we do."

Cassius: "Scott Quigg is here. Big fight tomorrow night. We speak about it all the time, this fight is surely after -- after you knock Kiko Martinez out tomorrow night, this fight with Quigg is going to happen, surely?"

Frampton: "That is what I desperately want. That is what the people of Britain and Ireland want. I hope it happens. Scott's a good guy. I've met him a couple of times before. It's been made as if there's loads of animosity between us in the press, but he's not a bad lad. I just hope the fight happens. I'm not looking past Martinez, I know I can't because he's dangerous. But once I get past this guy, Quigg is the man we're after. If not, then we're talking about world titles. The IBF's vacant at the minute, Alejandro Lopez and Jhonatan Romero are fighting for it. We've been assured by the IBF, basically assured by the IBF, we can fight the winner of that fight. So world titles are just around the corner, but I'd love Mr. Quigg first."

Cassius: "Tomorrow night, Belfast Odyssey is going to be absolutely rocking. It's gonna be a packed out arena, and deliver it tomorrow night, the European title."

Frampton: "That's it, mate. I'm excited. I'm coming to the ring first for the first time. So I'm going to be soaking up the atmosphere. I can't wait. I'm genuinely excited about it. I think it's gonna be a great night, great bill."

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