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Frampton vs Martinez results: Lee Selby overwhelms Martin Lindsay

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Lee Selby was too much for a brave Martin Lindsay in Belfast, scoring a wide decision win to retain his British and Commonwealth featherweight titles.

Scott Heavey

Lee Selby retained his British and Commonwealth featherweight titles today, dominating a very game Martin Lindsay over 12 rounds in Belfast, winning on scores of 118-110, 118-109, and 117-111. BLH had it 119-109 for Selby.

Selby (14-1, 5 KO) maybe should have had a stoppage win in this one, as it could be easily argued that Lindsay's corner or the referee could have stopped the bout due to the gap between them and the fact that Lindsay (20-2, 7 KO) was being punished through much of the fight.

But Lindsay's performance was deserving of a distance loss, too, as he kept coming even though Selby had his number throughout, and even though Selby was a clearly bigger man in the ring. Early on, Selby did plenty of damage with some hard body shots, and he left Lindsay with a blackened left eye, too.

Though Selby showboated a bit in the bout, after it was over the two fighters were all respect and class, with Selby saying that the brave Lindsay was his toughest opponent "by far," and Lindsay making no excuses for losing to a stronger and better man on the evening.

Selby, 26, has blossomed into the clear best featherweight in the UK, and it may be time for him to move up and give the European title a crack sooner than later.