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Mikey Garcia says he would face Juan Manuel Lopez at 128

Mikey Garcia says he wants to stay at featherweight to unify, but he wouldn't mind facing Juan Manuel Lopez at a catchweight of 128 pounds.


Coming off his career-best victory over Orlando Salido, Mikey Garcia is ready to return to the ring. Though he did break his nose from a headbutt from Salido, he apparently is fully recovered, according to Boxing Scene. When asked about who he would like to face next, Garcia has this to say:

"We're open to fight anybody. I want to stay at the featherweight division and unify the titles. If we can't get certain fights or unifications then we'll just keep defending the title. Eventually, we'll probably have to move up in weight but for right now I want to stay at featherweight.

With JuanMa, he was a champion and he just had his comeback fight and he won. If he wants to do one more fight before that because I think he said he wants to do one more fight before anything big - so I'm willing to fight him. I don't really care. (Fighting him at 128) is no problem. He's the same fighter at 126 or 130 it doesn't matter. He'll be the same fighter. It's just up to the management and promotion to decide."

The reason for the 128 catchweight is because Lopez has stated he wouldn't mind fighting Garcia, but 128 is as low as he would go. Both men are promoted by Top Rank so the promotional beef that shadows over seemingly every potential fight can be avoided here. In other words, it should be an easy matchup to make.

Lopez has said he would like one more tune-up fight before jumping into something bigger. That makes sense. He took a lot of brutal shots from Salido in their two wars, and he didn't exactly look razor-sharp in his comeback fight either.

So what do you guys think of this potential match? Good one? Or is Garcia far too skilled for a brawler like Lopez to make this anything but a rout, similar to Garcia's fight with Salido?

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