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Bernard Hopkins: 'I put Don King out of business'

Bernard Hopkins said he'd do it, and last night, he may have. By defeating Tavoris Cloud, Hopkins feels he has put former promoter Don King out of business.

Bernard Hopkins

"I don't like Don King. And I made it clear I don't like Don King. Part of my motivation was -- listen, y'all, it ain't a black and white thing. It's a people thing. He don't treat people right. Who would ever think that all these years that a mosquito bite couldn't get rid of him, that Bob Arum couldn't get rid of him, that Bernard Hopkins would stay around long enough to put Don King and his last fighter that he has under his banner out of business?

"A lot of dictators are falling the last two or three years. Think about it. A lot of dictators -- I'm not gonna say nothing that's gonna get me sued, I'm just saying a lot of dictators have fallen. A lot of dictators have fallen. And I said it openly and I said it clear at the Barclays Center. I'm not bragging, y'all. Most of y'all was here when I said it, and you can correct me if I'm wrong. This ain't an after-win conversation. I said it at the Barclays Center.

"Don King, it's been ten years since we reunited. I made a living off your fighters, beat all of them. I built my record of 20 defenses, with 90% of your fighters you threw at me. I get a chance to put the nail in the coffin, and get rid of your last horse. Not even gonna say team, in your stable. He said, 'Yeah, I got a fast horse.' I said, 'Yeah, you got a Smarty Jones horse.'

"Who would ever think in anybody's wildest dream? I wouldn't bet on it! That Bernard Hopkins would be the one, that put Don King out of business. I did Richard a favor, I did HBO a favor, I even did Bob Arum a favor! I did everybody a favor. Don King, whether you like him or not, is no more."

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